Lost in Time

The Old Train Station in Napaleofú, a little rural town near my city. Processed only in LR.

During the 1990s Argentina systematically de-nationalized and dismantled the largest railroad system in Latin America. Built by French and British capital in the late 1800s, the lines were acquired by the country in the 1940s by the government of Juan Perón. The privatization of the railway lines under the government of Carlos M.(*) left many small towns completely isolated (a result of the closure of all lines ‘not productive’ to the private company who bought the industry).

Train stations were left in abandon and the train cars and wagons were left to decay or to be vandalized. Railway workers found themselves out of jobs.

(*) Sorry, but in my country we don’t mention the name of the ex-president…it’s very bad luck 🙂

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